About Me

My mission: It is my mission to serve patients of all backgrounds and help them understand conventional and alternative options for health care. I believe prevention is the best medicine. I strive to find the root cause of my patients’ diseases, not just treat symptoms. I partner with my patients and their health care team to help achieve the highest level of health and well-being.

My journey: I grew up in rural Maine. Oregon’s rich natural environment brought me west to Reed College in Portland. In college, I became fascinated with advances in research connecting psychology with health and disease.  After college, I worked at the Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at OHSU where I discovered my passion for partnering with patients and their families, and I realized my calling to become a physician.

I first learned about Naturopathic medicine when my own health conditions inspired me to pursue alternative treatments. I remember being thrilled that I had options for comprehensive health care from doctors with solid foundations in science and conventional medicine and who also had vast knowledge of safe & effective alternatives.

The National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical school in the country. As a student there I earned highest honors and honors in research at graduation.

I completed a prestigious residency at the Center for Natural Medicine with Dr. Martin Milner as my mentor. In this position I acquired abundant experience in family medicine with an emphasis in heart & lung conditions, hormone problems including hypothyroidism and menopause, mental emotional conditions and neurotransmitter metabolism.

I now have a private practice at the Center for Natural Medicine serving the Portland area and beyond.  In addition to heart, hormone and mental emotional conditions, my personal interests include women’s health, digestive health, neurological conditions, complementary oncology care and immunology.

Portland is my home and when I am not playing with my daughter, I enjoy gardening, cooking and hiking in our amazing landscape.