Scope of Practice

I am a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of Oregon and my scope of practice is inclusive of primary care services. This means I am qualified to perform physical exams, diagnose and treat disease, order medical tests, and refer to specialists. My patients can see me for both acute and chronic conditions.

For prevention and treatment of disease, I have extensive training with an array of treatments including herbal / botanical medicine, counseling, clinical nutrition, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, homeopathic medicine, massage, spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, minor surgery and intravenous therapy.

In addition, I am trained to prescribe and manage a wide range of pharmaceutical medications within the primary care setting. For information on our current formulary in the state of Oregon, please visit

I’m passionate about creating individualized and effective treatment programs for people of all walks of life by artfully blending the best of science and nature using all of the tools at my disposal.